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04 Dec, 2008

How To Restore Past Relationships The Correct Way

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Relationships are at the core of what it means to be a human.  Every day we depend on relationships to survive.  Since this is the case, it is a vital part of our existence and life.  Who do you know that enjoys living life all by themselves?  I will go as far as to say that no one wants to live life without warm loving relationships.  In life you may go through experiences where there is betrayal or lack of trust in a relationship.  These circumstances can be the hardest relationships to try to reconcile.  However, regardless of the situation, there are ways you can learn how to restore past relationships and move on with your life.

Dealing with a situation that involved betrayal and deception can be very hard to overcome.  You may even start questioning the legitimacy of other friendships or relationships you are in and begin questioning their motives.  When this happens, you need to take a drive down memory lane and discover what happened to allow this cycle of distrust to carry on in every relationship. If it is hard for you to believe whether someone is honest, then the issue is more about you rather than the other individual.

One of the first steps in learning how to restore past relationships is to take the time to forgive the person that brought the betrayal.  As long as there is offense in your heart towards this person, you will never reconcile the relationship or get healed emotionally.  Even if you make attempts at restoring the relationship without forgiving them, you will always carry memories of what that person did to you in the past and you will always view them through a lens of past hurt.  In order to start over afresh with the person, you must make sure that there is a clean slate between the two of you and that there is mutual forgiveness on both sides.  If this does not happen, then you can forget about knowing how to restore past relationships, because it will never happen.

Before you begin to reconcile the relationship, it is also important to realize whether the relationship is worth salvaging.  Although you may have good intent in restoring the relationship, this could also backfire and open up a wider door for more problems to occur.  You need to ask yourself a serious question.  Are you willing to risk being hurt again in order to salvage the relationship?   Is it worth it?  You also need to see if the same root problems that caused the broken relationship are still lingering around.  What’s the point of learning how to restore past relationships if the same issues that contributed to the separation are still present?  All of these questions need to be seriously answered before you even make a small step in restoring the relationship.

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