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17 Dec, 2008

You Can Make Your Man Fall Back In Love With You!

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From a woman’s eyes, men are always considered to come from an entirely different planet.  Often, it is hard for women to figure out how a man thinks and what he actually wants out of a relationship.  The sad thing that I see most women do in a relationship is they try to twist and bend their personality to become the ideal women for their mate.  This can be deceptive and result in causing the breakdown of your relationship.  If you want to know how to make your man fall back in love with you, then you have to discover all of the qualities that men find attractive.

In all honesty, men are not looking for that magazine cover woman who looks perfect.  Neither are they interested in having a woman whose personality and emotions are perfect.  What makes a man fall back in love with a woman depends on what this man is looking for in a mate.  If you were in a past relationship with him, then you should take some time to list the things that he likes to have in a relationship or mate. Nevertheless, most men have generally one common desire in a relationship. They want a woman who is real or genuine; not phony & fake!  If you want your ex boyfriend to fall back in love with you, then just attempt to be as genuine as you can, and express your honest feelings to him.  Being yourself is the perfect thing you can do, not only for the relationship, but most importantly, for yourself.

Another misconception that women have about attracting men is that they have to go far above the norm and press way past certain boundaries in order to keep their man attracted to them.  A general way women can do this is by dressing in clothing they typically wouldn’t even wear or spending hours in the kitchen cooking a big meal when they would normally request for take-out.  Anytime you put on a charade for a man, you are setting yourself up for failure.  There are other ways to impress your man other than doing things that you don’t enjoy and cause misery.

Being confident is also another quality that men love to see in women.  The confidence I am referring to is not the type that wants to play the dominate role in the relationship, but the type of confidence that is never threatened when another woman looks at your man or vice versa.  If he looks at another woman when both of you are together, then don’t give him lip and attitude.  The master rule is to never allow your boyfriend or mate to see that you are threatened by other women.  You are his prize & treasure!  So, any other woman doesn’t matter!  If you are trying to get your man to fall back in love with you, then you should deal with any insecurity that may cause you to freak out when he’s talking about another woman.  Having this mindset may have contributed to the break up or separation in the beginning.  Men always love a strong and confident woman.  Having this one trait in your relationship will cause you and your mate’s relationship to go further than ever.

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