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22 Oct, 2008

8 Ways To Get Your Ex Begging To Take You Back – Part 1

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Why are you still crying over a breakup when there are plenty of ways to get your ex back for good?  Today is your lucky day, because you are about to learn the first four tips you must apply when trying to win your ex lover back.  In today’s post I am going to list for you four different things you should always do to have your boyfriend or girlfriend running back into your arms.  On tomorrow’s post, you will learn the remaining tips to successfully getting your ex back.

Tip 1:  You should never ever cry or show any emotion that makes it appear that you can’t move on without them.  This will only make you more foolish and may actually backfire and push him or her further away.  One of the most effective ways to get ex back is to not show any signs of begging.  If anyone should beg, it should be your ex lover, not you!

Tip 2:   It’s important to always carry the appearance of mystery and be provocative around your ex.  If they see a unique side of you that appears attractive or seducing to them, then don’t offer them any attention or give them what they want.  The whole point of this tip is to create curiosity about your life since the breakup, which may cause him or her to view you in a totally different way.

Tip 3:  Try to look your best at all times.  Especially when around your ex.  This has a twofold purpose.  If they see that other people are attracted to you out in public, this can cause feelings of jealousy to rise up within them.  This is definitely true if they still have feelings for you.  One of the best ways to get your ex back is to make them realize what they had lost.

Tip 4:  Be always kind and extra friendly to everybody, not just your ex.  If your ex sees the compassionate, self sacrificial side of you, then this may cause your ex to look beyond past problems, and see what’s really important to have in a mate.  However, with this being said, don’t make it too obvious that you are subtly trying to get your ex’s attention.  It is also important to never appear too flirty while being friendly as well.

Stay tuned for tips 5 through 8 on tommorrow’s post!

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