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08 Jul, 2010

How To Hook Up With An Ex Boyfriend

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If you find yourself day-dreaming about your ex boyfriend and reminiscing over the sweet moments both of you have spent together, then you may be ready for an instant love connection with your ex lover. Throughout life, we find ourselves wondering whether a previous boyfriend was, in actuality, “Mr. Right” for us. In the past, both of you may have been at different places in your life and were not ready for a serious relationship with each other. But, now that you have matured & have gone through your share of “men-friends”, you are realizing that he is that special person that you would like to spend the rest of your life with. Well, luckily, you have come to the right place because I am going to share with you a few simple steps of how to hook up with an ex boyfriend.

The first thing you must do before attempting to hook up with an ex boyfriend is to find out whether he is in a serious relationship with somebody else. Knowing this information will determine the manner or method in which you would need to approach the situation. If he is in a serious relationship, then it is necessary that you reconnect with him on the “friendship” level at first. You can successfully do this by inviting him and his current girlfriend to a dinner party that you are hosting or by going on a double date with him and his girlfriend. Of course, you will do the double date with a close male friend who has no intentions of hooking up with you. Doing this may possibly remove any preconceived ideas that his current girlfriend may have about you suddenly popping back in his life again. On the contrary, if he is not in a serious relationship, then there is an open field of possibilities that you can reach for when trying to hook up with your ex boyfriend.

Another issue that you must resolve is whether your relationship ended on good terms or bad terms. If the break up was a horrible disaster and it led to feelings of anger with your ex boyfriend, then it may be very difficult to regain the trust of your ex. In cases like these, you need to determine ways you can regain his trust during the initial act of contacting him. Maybe you can send him a brief update about your life and afterward, apologize about how things ended between the two of you. A simple apology & request for forgiveness is always a simple way to regain the trust of an individual. However, you cannot place all of your hope in doing this alone. Sometimes, the wound can be so deep within your ex boyfriend, that it takes a lot more to grab the attention of his heart. Learning how to hook up with an ex boyfriend can take a lot of patience and if you don’t have it, then you will never be successful at rekindling the intimacy that you once had.

Within the initial phase of the new friendship, you can start making passes towards your ex boyfriend or leaving clues that you are interested in an intimate relationship with him. You can either decide to overtly share with him how much you miss him and want to hook up with him or, you can reveal your heart gradually overtime. During this stage it is important that you measure your ex’s responses to any subtle passes you make at him. The manner at which he responds to your flirting will determine how you need to approach him. If he openly responds to your flirts, then you can choose to openly share with him the ideal of a non-committal sexual relationship. If not, then wait a while until the moment is right and he appears to be possibly open to the ideal. However, just keep in mind, that when you do share your desire with your ex, you have crossed the line of no return and there is no way of taking back any of the words you spoke. If he rejects you, then that may be the end of your relationship and may ruin any possibility of reconciling with him in the future.

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